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Foshan Risesun Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

The company is mainly engaged in design and development, independent production, injection molding equipment independent salesallin one service, the company has a group engaged in design and development, production, sales, injection equipment customerservice experienced professional team.
The company has been committed to the development and innovation of plastic molding automation peripheral equipment.Companies adhering to the customer base, independent innovation as the driving force to achieve one-stop service providerfor the purpose of continuous innovation, research and development of the introduction of international advanced high-techenvironmental protection products.

Leading products are divided into six series:

1, systematic series of countermeasures: central centralized feeding system, cooling system, centralized water supplysystem and injection molding workshop entire factory automation planning.

2, drying series: type honeycomb dehumidifier, three machine development, high temperature hot air dryer ancdryer, europeanization.

3, feeder series: direct suction machine, suction machine, split type Europeanization suction machine,highpower suction machine, a machine hopper suction machine etc.

4, mixing series: horizontal mixer, metering hybrid masterbatch machine, material storage barrel, twoproportional valve etc.

5, hot and cold exchange series: water type mold temperature machine, oil type mold temperaturemachine, water-cooled chiller, air-cooled chiller, central cooling water supply system, etc.
6, crushing and recycling series: Mute crusher, crusher centralized, non centralized mute crusher.
granulator etc.
The company spirit of'good faith management, excellence' business philosophy, will continueto spare no effort to research and development, customer demand as the starting point, todevelop a new type of injection molding equipment as the key to innovation, excellenceperformance, quick and thoughtful service, the international advanced technology.selling the country and Southeast Asia country.emational advanced technology, sellingthe country, Southeast Asia all over the country.

10years of pursuing quality, creating a happy life, intelligently manufacturing intelligent equipment, and liberating human productivity