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Hot-air oven

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Suitable for drying of all kinds of plastic raw materials; able to drymaterials with different exture and color simultaneously, particularly formaterials with high demand for temperature,in small quantities and widecolors; also suitable for other preheating or drying purpose,e.g. edible.medical,electronic and electroplating.
Adopted PItemperature control, precisely control drying temperature.

Temperature and timer control in one unit, easy setting of drying parameters.

Premium temperature Insulating material, high airtight eliminating unnecessary energy consumtion.
Adjustable air inlet.
Installed with current overload protector and phase controller.

Place material on the movable trays; start the switch on power, strongwind wheel activated will blow air from the air inlet into the electricheating tube, hot air goes through the pored separated wall, and blowsevenly on the material, moisture will be expelled by the dehumidification blower on the top. Moisture is expelled and materialis dried through repeated process.



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