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PET special drying machine

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New generation of standard hot air dryer,improved functions as to bemore environment concern.
Energy saving-decrease heat lost by recycling,save electricity greatly.

lmproved efficiency-concentration ofthermal energy,dehumidificationfacilities able to expel moisture rapidly,speedy drying.

Cleaned environment-airtight designed,able to filter out powdermaterial during dryingcycles,eliminate contamination,decrease hightemperature of working environment brought by drying.

Special filter to withstand high temperature.

150°C high temperature setting,durable blower(optional)assures blowersafe operation.

Hot air from electric heater pipe works on raw material. Hot moist isbrought into a retriever, which isinstalled with filter internally.Powder in hot air is filtered out, and moisture will evaporate,clean hot airblown back to the dryer for another cycle.


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